1. Choose the number in the design’s numbered canvas you want to begin painting & find that number’s corresponding paint number.
    2. Grab the correct paint number based on the number in the design’s numbered canvas, then open the paint. (Close unused paint for future use.)
    3. Grab your chosen paint brush size, and dip the paint brush in the paint.
    4. Start painting on the correct number in the design’s numbered canvas. Continue painting based on the numbers until the entire numbered canvas has been painted over.
    5. Attach the Hanging Tools to the frame, and hang in your desired place.

And you’re done! A very fun and easy activity for everyone.

Drawing skills

After filling in all the numbered areas, you will get an amazing picture. If needed, you can also use the following techniques to convert your painting to a richer painting style and make the painting better.

Excessive friction

If you want to make the border between the two color blocks soft and natural, you can dry the brush, then apply an appropriate amount of paint, and gently brush the edges of the color block to blur and blur the border. (Note: The dotted part of the picture can be processed by the color friction method)

Thin coating

After diluting the paint with water, gently cover the dry screen with a transparent color to achieve the effect of penetrating the color.

Point method

Use the stippling method on the edge of the color block to achieve the effect of smoke particles. The method is to dip the pen tip with paint, and then use the pen tip to gently draw back and forth between the edges of the color block. Pay attention to control the shape, size and density of color points to achieve different effects.

Pinnate transition

To form a feather-like border between the color blocks, you can use a brush to quickly drag on the edge of the color block to form a hair shape to express the special texture of the object.

Add details

After drawing, add some details, such as points and lines, which will make the picture more vivid and vibrant.

Keep the kit together to avoid misplacing items.
Store in a cool and dry place.
Close unused paint for future use.
Keep away from children 3 years old and below.

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