Romaytic-June New Earrings


The first batch of new products in June are mainly earrings. We are focusing on simple and fashionable European and American styles this time. You can buy jewellery with both design and texture without spending too high a price.

Chain full diamond zircon earrings

♥The two-prong diamond shines under the bright and fiery sun light, sharpens and regenerates new light ♥

Thick and thin chain wrapped freshwater pearl earrings

♥Heavy metal thick and thin chains are entwined and connected with freshwater pearls. The pearl emits colorful luster as the light changes. Freshwater pearls are formed by natural growth and have different surface shapes.♥

Hot sale ins thick chain female titanium steel 18k ear chain

♥Cold metal chain ring lock, thick flat chain has an industrial cool feel.♥

New C-shaped Hoop Earrings

♥Double ring twist texture earrings, simple and atmospheric, the style modifies the contour of the face.♥

Oval shaped ring double layer 18K real gold plating earrings

♥The use of high-quality medical titanium steel craftsmanship to create 18K real gold plated. Unique design, the lower ring is detachable, and the upper ring studs can be worn individually to modify the facial contours.♥

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