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    In recent years, S925 silver, 18K gold, and titanium steel have gradually been widely used as jewelry, and its popularity index is on the rise. Then we have knowledge of these 3 materials in popular science.

1.S925 silver

    S925 contains 92.5% silver, which is recognized as a pure silver standard in international standards. Because of the increased hardness, it is mainly used for making fashionable silver jewelry with complicated craftsmanship.


  • The silver ions in silver jewelry have a certain health care effect on the human body, and can play a role in sterilizing and restoring wound healing.
  • Silver jewelry is rich in styles and moderate in price, which can keep up with popular fashion and is easy to match with clothing.

2.18K gold

    18K gold is essentially an alloy of gold and a certain proportion of other metals.


  • Fashionable, beautiful color, high hardness, high ductility, not easy to deform

3.Titanium steel

    Titanium steel, also known as 316L stainless steel, is the same material as 316L stainless steel. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel generally increases with the increase of chromium content.


  • It is resistant to strong acid and alkali, does not change color, is not allergic, does not deform, is hard, and is bright. And through the artificial sweat test, it is completely non-corrosive, non-discoloring, non-fading, and non-allergic.

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